Ullapool Box Creations

handmade in Scotland


I started my own apprenticeship back in 2011 and taught myself woodcrafting via Google and by trial and error, lots of error. I have come a long way from practising with Pine to now having worked 84 different hardwoods. The only thing that has not and will never change is my commitment to making the best quality products for an affordable price. I love to use locally sourced Scottish hardwoods for my woodcrafts pieces and locally sourced deer antler for my antler pieces, there is something very special about taking a rough piece of local lumber or antler and turning it into a unique, quality finished piece that will last and be passed down many generations.

Latest News

African Blackwood and Mammoth Tusk Ivory Damascus Sgian Dubh for sale

I am now offering my Mammoth Ivory knives exclusively through my own website. I have made the primary outer handle of this Sgian Dubh from some stunning African Blackwood. All the Blackwood is...