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Wood/Antler/Damascus Care

Wood is a natural material and has certain characteristics. It will expand and contract with heat and to a certain degree with humidity. Do not place any piece in direct sunlight or beside a heat source such as a radiator or fire as this will cause shrinkage of the wood usually to the detriment of the piece. In general, protect from extremes of heat and humidity.

Cleaning can be done with a soft cloth. The finish i apply will ware in time and with use, simply apply with a clean lint free cloth either a wax paste, wood oil or wax oil. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

Antler can dry out over time, simply apply a little good quality mineral oil to rectify this.

Damascus Steel does take a little care and maintenance. Dry if it gets wet and to store, apply any clear oil to the blade and store out of sheath.

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Scottish Dirk Damascus Steel - Burr Wych Elm and Yew

This is my new Scottish Dirk. The blade is beautifully patterned Damascus Steel and the handle is Burr Wych Elm and Yew.