Ullapool Box Creations

handmade in Scotland


When learning my craft, I used traditional woodworking techniques such as hand cutting dovetail joints for all my structural joints. 

These have been considered the best structural joint to use by craftsmen for thousands of years as they stand the test of time. I always use the best wood and components to make my creations, this and my attention to detail ensures a quality product every time. I search out the most beautiful and exotic woods either locally grown or sustainably grown in other countries. These woods not only look amazing but are usually very dense and many have natural oils in them that make them extremely resilient to wear and tear.

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Scottish Dirk Damascus Steel - Burr Wych Elm and Yew

This is my new Scottish Dirk. The blade is beautifully patterned Damascus Steel and the handle is Burr Wych Elm and Yew.