Ullapool Box Creations

handmade in Scotland


I spent decades in Sales and Management. Absolutely rubbish at Art but was always quite practical, good with my hands. Never in my life thought i would go on the tools. Out of all the adventures I've been on this one has been certainly one of the more challenging. Now I'm in the "Industry" I feel wood is sometimes overlooked or even forgotten. It is our only truly sustainably resource and has been evolving for millions of years, it's an essential component of Mother Nature. Each piece I make shows the beauty of wood and will last for many generations.

After working over 60 hardwoods i have recently started working with Scottish Deer Antler. I have admired this material for many years and I'm delighted to be using it in my work. This amazing material is actually very similar to working wood, about the same working density as Oak but works very similar to Ebony. Also with Red Deer being a very popular symbol of Scotland, antler fits well with my other materials.

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My new box - Bubinga Strawberries and Cream Box

I have just finished a new jewellery box, it can be seen in the gallery or available to purchase through my Etsy shop.